Valley Adaptive Sports

Helping people with disabilities get outdoors in Teton Valley, Idaho!

Hello, we’re Valley Adaptive Sports! Our mission is to support and develop recreation opportunities for people with disabilities in Teton Valley, Idaho.

Let’s Move in Teton Valley, Idaho

Valley Adaptive Sports (VAS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which strives to support and create outdoor sports opportunities for people with disabilities in Teton Valley, Idaho and surrounding areas.

A chapter of Disabled Sports, USA (DSUSA) some examples of adaptive sports that VAS supports are mountain biking, road cycling, alpine skiing and snowboarding, sled hockey and adaptive skating, nordic skiing, fishing, paddling indoor rock climbing and more.

Let’s get everyone in Driggs, Victor, Tetonia, Felt, Rexburg and other eastern Idaho places involved in the fun and confidence building sports that VAS supports!

Our Values & Beliefs


Just like our older (and very attractive) sister TAS, VAS is all about inclusion! We believe people with disabilities not only want to get outside and participating in sports, but do so alongside, with, ahead of, behind (and most other prepositions) their families and friends versus just with other people with disabilities.


We believe participation in outdoor sports builds self confidence and leads to personal empowerment. VAS programs have this lofty goal of empowering people in all of the adaptive sports programs on the calendar. We ensure people will have access to this powerful path regardless of financial limitations.


We believe ‘it takes a Valley’! In other words, we work with organizations in our tight-knit Teton Valley community to make programs possible. We also want to extend our reach beyond our programs by training willing local partners, such as outfitters and sports organizations, how to work with people with disabilities.

The VAS Story

For 15 years TAS had been striving to bring a bit of the programs that it does in Teton County, Wyoming to Teton County, Idaho. As population grew ‘over the hill’ it became the needs of the adaptive community grew alongside it.
Enter Valley Adaptive Sports (VAS), which was launched Feb. 1, 2020 at a fundraising event that community members could meet the staff, the participants that they are serving and share what VAS could do to build programs. VAS began to serve the needs that our sister program in Wyoming could not. With an independent Eastern Idaho program there will be so many more funding, and therefore program, opportunities!
About 4% of the population is living with a disability, VAS was born to help the community welcome and serve those people in all of the recreation activities the residents of Teton Valley enjoy. VAS programs will respond directly to local requests from participants and partner organizations.

Featured VAS Activities

Adaptive Happenings:

  • Sled Hockey and Adaptive Skating | Kotler Ice Arena, Victor, ID | Info
  • Adaptive Climbing | Teton Rock Gym, Driggs, ID | Info



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